Who this course is for...

  • ABA Parent Trainers

    Professionals who provide parent training can use this course in their services to help parents (and even staff) understand the basics of what ABA is all about.

  • Parents

    Parents can go through this self-guided course to learn more about what applied behavior analysis actually means.

  • Behavior Technicians, Paraprofessionals, Other Educators and Therapists

    Anyone interested in learning more about the basics of the field of applied behavior analysis can benefit from this course.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to 'What is ABA? Introduction to the Field of ABA'
  • 2

    What is ABA?

    • What is ABA?
    • Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis: Presentation
  • 3


    • "ABA Defined" Handout
    • "What is ABA?" Full Lesson Plan
    • PDF of "What is ABA?" Course PPT

What you'll learn:

This course is about an hour long and includes the following topics...

  • Defining ABA
  • ABA as a Science
  • Brief History of ABA
  • Where Can ABA be Used?
  • How is ABA Used? (with different populations)
  • How is ABA Used? (for different issues)
  • 7 Dimensions of ABA
  • Evidence & Research Supporting ABA
  • Examples of ABA Concepts, Behavior Management Strategies, & Ideas
  • Ethics of ABA
  • What Makes Quality ABA Services?
  • Why Raise Kids Using ABA?
  • Examples of Using ABA at Home with Kids
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What is ABA? Introduction to the Field of Applied Behavior Analysis

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